Hairspray Clip-in Double Pack

New Clip-in Double Pack 100% Human Hair 108g 20" The New Hairspray Double pack

Angelina Human Hair Clip-in Extensions

Angelina Clip On Piece. 100% Human Hair 20"This is one of Hairspray's most popular

Luxury Halo Hair on a Wire Extensions

Luxury Halo Human Hair Clip-ins 18". 100% Human Hair. The

Hairspray Five Piece Clip-in

Hairspray Five Piece Clip-in 12" 50g. 100% Human Hair The 5 Piece Clip In is cut

Hairspray One Piece Clip-in

Hairspray One Piece Clip-in 18" 50g. 100% Human Hair.This single strip clip in has

Spanish Hair Wave Clip-on Extensions

Spanish Wave Clip On Piece. 100% Human Hair. 16/18" The Spanish Hair Clip on Wavy

Spanish Hair Short Clip-in Extensions

Spanish Hair Short Clip-in Extensions:This is an ideal clip in for ladies looking